Wine and Whiskey Bar

Slinging whiskey, pouring wine & quenching thirst…Piazza Italia is where to go to get your hands on some of the rarest, most coveted whiskeys on the planet, as well as delicious cocktails that feature everyone’s favorite brown water. This snug bespoke whiskey bar and bitters emporium makes up for its cozy quarters with an astounding collection of wine and spirits. But then, some people like the close quarters. The homemade single-barrel goodies are a must.

Fine Dining

Enjoy our world class food and atmosphere


Late evenings enjoy our lounge style night life


Step into the classic Italy when you visit


Celebrate your next special event with us


Skilled Chefs

World renowned chefs with experience in fine Italian dining and appealing to your palate.


Italian Cuisine

The essence of Italian cooking today is simplicity using seasonal ingredients.


Quality Ingredient

Local ingredients, simple flavors and green herbs, make the dishes incredibly vibrant.


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