Piazza Room

Where modern and traditional Italy meet…in the piazza. Enjoy the vintage feel decor under a completely digital ceiling boasting imagery from famous Italian mosaics, a deep-sea experience, or a romantic garden by day. By night, the party begins.

Fine Dining

Enjoy our world class food and atmosphere


Late evenings enjoy our lounge style night life


Step into the classic Italy when you visit


Enjoy your next special event with us

Piazza Italia

Fort Lauderdale, the Venice of America, now has its very own Piazza. In our version guests will also experience a one of a kind augmented reality ceiling, which creates an unforgettable visit to Piazza Italia.  Our cuisine is offered in our fine dining Venetian room, the casual Piazza, and the outdoor Vineyard.

The Piazza and Vineyard areas offer authentic Italian dishes, Piccolino (Tapas,) Craft Bar, wine tasting, meat and cheese boards. The fine dining offered in the Venetian Room takes you on a regional cuisine tour of Italy from the North to the South.


Skilled Chefs

World renowned chefs with experience in fine Italian dining and appealing to your palate.


Italian Cuisine

The essence of Italian cooking today is simplicity using seasonal ingredients.


Quality Ingredients

Local ingredients, simple flavors and green herbs, make the dishes incredibly vibrant.

Our Night Life

Enjoy the best nightlife experience in Broward County. Piazza Italia’s lounge style nightlife features unique events in an upscale environment including bottle service. Our remodeled venue features state-of-the-art audio and visual components for an amazing night out! 

Did you know?

Italian Piazzas are considered the heartbeat of the community. There are thousands of Piazzas throughout Italy that date back to the Roman Empire. Each Piazza is distinct in nature and represents the culture and architecture of its own. In ancient times social gatherings, markets, and public demonstrations were the activities of the Piazza. Through the Renaissance Arts, Hand Crafted Fountains and Statues became the inspiration of the Piazzas.

Today’s Piazzas continue to be the social place of gatherings where you will find authentic Italian restaurants, bars, cafes, gelatorias, fresh markets, musicians and the Arts. It’s where locals and tourists come together to enjoy the complete authentic Italian experience.


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